Castel d'Ario

Castel D'Ario is a town in the province of Mantua, the birthplace of Tazio Nuvolari (November 16, 1892 - August 11, 1953), race car driver and motorcycle of an international reputation. In Castel d'Ario, you can enjoy a great taste of our risotto. In fact, this is the traditional dish of the area, cooked with 'the pilot' or 'grain' method, with the addition of 'tastasal', salty pork, or 'pessin'(fried fish grown in paddy fields). All accompanied by a good glass of Lambrusco wine.



The most characteristic tradition of Castel d'Ario is Bigolada: free distribution of spaghetti with anchovies and tuna (bigoi with sardines) cooked in huge cauldrons on the public square, which takes place on the first day of Lent.
The name and type of food date back to the twenties of the twentieth century, but the party is part of a previous event which began on March 8, 1848 on the eve of the first war of independence. So, in protest of anti-Austrian and anti-clerical, were distributed free to the population "polenta, herring, cospettoni wine and small."
Later on, it was characterized as Bacchanal, but always with a strong component of social protest.
Suspended during the First World War, is taken not as a form of protest, but with festive spirit: Become the party of bigoli, ie Bigolada.
Since 1969, the event is handled by the Pro Loco ensuring strict compliance of the traditional recipe and the success of the event.
To learn more, you can consult the book by Sandro Correzzola "Dalla protesta alla festa" - la Bigolada di Castel d'Ario," Mantua 2006.
La BigoladaLa BigoladaLa bigolada
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