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The city  is surrounded by three lakes. Superior Lake, Middle Lake and Lower Lake. They are formed by the waters of the river Mincio, effluent of Garda Lake, which once here and formed a stagnant swamp and eight centuries ago, were covered with the construction of a large dam upstream. Until 1700 the lakes were four and Mantua was like an island. Drained the Leaky Lake, the city became a peninsula but it's still a city of water. The presence of water is reflected also in the light, the color of the sky, and in the same character of the inhabitants.
Seen from any of the three lakes, which are divided by many bridges, two of which were once covered, the jagged profile of the city, with towers, steeples, churches, towers, seems to emerge magically from the water . This profile of a city of water together with the environmental context in which it is inserted, it is particularly noticeable when viewed from our ships. The boarding piers are within easy reach, in the monumental frieze of Palazzo Ducale on the Lower Lake.
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Navigation Mincio boasts among its vessels Enigma, the first solar-powered boat in service within the Nature Reserve of the Parco del Mincio, able to combine tourism needs the protection of and respect for the environment.
Great teaching tool for every school and evocative recreation opportunities, Enigma can accommodate up to 59 passengers on two decks: the lower floor are the seating space while the upper deck you can see the Mincio Valleys in all their extension. In addition, the boat, futuristic-looking, has a re-sealable cover that allows navigation in the event of bad weather and a cable radio system that provides brief explanations in language on the surrounding environment to the guests on board.
The propulsion system installed is totally ecological: in fact, the boat is moved by two electric motors powered by the photovoltaic board able to collect the energy emitted by the sun, and in this way to recharge the batteries.
For safety reasons, it is good to notify that Enigma is also equipped with a conventional engine, in the case in which the PV can not satisfy completely all the energy needs.
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