"Mantua and Sabbioneta offer an exceptional testimony to urban construction, architecture and art of the Renaissance, linked through the ideas and ambitions of the ruling family, the Gonzaga. They represent the most prominent examples of the two most emblematic mode of urban planning of the Renaissance, respectively, and that the evolutionary founding. As such, they have used for much of the subsequent experiences of construction of the city until modern times. The artists who contributed to the realization of the two cities have produced masterpieces that have brought to fruition the ideals of the High Renaissance, significantly contributing to the international spread of a movement that will influence and shape the whole of Europe. "
Mantua and Sabbioneta are the 42nd Italian site recognized by UNESCO.

Sabbioneta is one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture in Lombardy , a city of Trustees and the ideal city. The urban and architectural design complex combines the elegant balance of the last phase of the Renaissance to the vibrant atmosphere of the coming century . The City (1556-1591) , closed by the powerful defensive curtain wall , which is accessed through the austere and imposing monumental gates , contains excellent examples of late Renaissance architecture and pictorial art .

The precious Ducal Palace , Palace Garden, the Ancient Theatre , retain the multiple ornaments in fresco ceilings and carved in precious wood from distant countries , that time has passed . The projecting monumental buildings overlook an unexpected urban layout , orthogonal grid of roads that give shape to thirty blocks, inside the walled city . An amazing urban chessboard that reveals his own soul and the particular articulation of historic military town and at the same time residential and rural renaissance court , and subsequently inhabited century contemporary , such as the Jewish tradition that culminates in the realization of the beautiful architectural Synagogue.




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