Walking and riding a bike: excursions along the Mincio River
The protected area was established in 1984 by the Lombardy Region (LR 47 September 8, 1984) and comprises the territory of 13 municipalities in Lombardy that are located along the river Mincio, effluent of Garda Lake. The Mincio River has a length of about 73 km, out of the Garda at the town of Peschiera del Garda (VR), enters the territory of Mantua after a few kilometers, in Ponti sul Mincio and Po flows into Sacchetta of Sustinente. Go through the gentle rolling hills of the moraine hills of the Garda punctuated by numerous fortified villages and spread along the Po Valley up to finish in the great river.
Starting from the Mincio, a wetland of international importance and one of the tourist destinations of excellence in selected European project EDEN but also tour the castles of the morainic hills of Lake Garda, in the lower Mincio river trips and other exciting milestones, such as the 'observation of the storks' nests to Bertone, the paddling among the reeds, bike rides along the several tens of kilometers of cycle paths that run through the park or who - like the hugely popular Mantua-Peschiera - along the Mincio from its outlet from Lake Garda and up the capital embraced by the three lakes of Mantua.
Routes for walking, for bike, and a carnet full of events make this park a flagship between the National Reserves.
For further informations, maps and events visit: http://www.parcodelmincio.it/
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